Mission, Vision, and Values

The AAP enhances the region's cultural vitality and promotes visual arts excellence by
showcasing artists' work through contemporary exhibitions, providing community-based education programs, and facilitating a broad dialogue to engage artists with one another and the community.

CORE VALUES: The AAP values:

-community interaction and collaboration;

-a high level of artistic expression;

-accessible, quality exhibitions and arts programs;

-a vibrant arts community;

-community-based education;

-engaged member volunteers;

-organizational and financial sustainability; and,

-a diverse Board of Directors that represents the artist members and the community.

VISION: Specifically to:

-embrace and exhibit contemporary visual media;

-build community partnerships;

-collaborate to sponsor dynamic arts programs;

-facilitate innovative programs at unique venues;

-interact organically with the community at large; and,

-provide a central hub to connect Pittsburgh regional artists with one another.