Arts Education is an important aspect of the AAP Mission.

Visual Arts Career Orientation Program

  • Usually six, day-long workshops are held during the school year. The students are bussed to each location after having been dismissed from school for the day.
  • The introductory workshop is held at the AAP Annual Exhibition, Carnegie Museum of Art. The students choose a work of art to which they particularly respond. During the school year, they create a work of art themselves as their personal response to the work.
  • Typically, the other workshops include assemblage, fabric collage, wood turning, drawing, and Photoshop. The students create a work of art in their chosen media during the workshop.
  • Each workshop is led by an artist who is a specialist in the particular media and the workshop is held in appropriate locations for the media.
  • In May, an exhibition of the students' work is held. The students show their assigned project from the first session and at least one other work of their choice created during the program.
  • This program is in its 18th consecutive year.

Taking a Closer Look

  • Friends of Art have been purchasing art from the AAP Annuals for the Pittsburgh Public Schools for much of AAP's 100 years. AAP believes that the collection should be archived by the students.
  • The students in the middle school gifted program are designated as Art Ambassadors, and will research the individual artists and their works of art in the collection.
  • Fifty works from the collection have been assembled as a learning lab for the students. A reception for AAP artists, Friends of Art members, and the public will take place in April.
  • Each work of art in the Friends of Art Collection and its creator will be posted on a website created for this archival research.
  • The students will create a work of art themselves in response to this research.
  • The archival website and the exhibition of students' work will premier place in June.
  • Archiving all of the works in the collection will take a longer period of time than one year. The process will begin with the 100th year, and continue beyond.