100th Annual Exhibition

Annual Committee Statement:

What an amazing time to be a part of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh!

This year our President, Kathleen Zimbicki, approached us and asked that we co-chair the exhibit. Between the three of us we have co-chaired four of the last five Annuals, and she wanted an experienced team for the daunting task of making the 100th Annual the best it can be.

We have worked together through all phases of the process, from selecting the jurors, overseeing and helping committees, following up on details, scheduling dates and times, choosing graphics and planning menus. But we could not have accomplished any of it without the wonderful support of our volunteers and committee members.

For 100 years the region’s most talented people have been creating and exhibiting their works under the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh banner! The organization was founded for just this purpose: to give the very best artists in the region the opportunity to exhibit their work. As this year’s co-chairs we have had the distinct honor and privilege to oversee this process for the 100th time. What a privilege!

Congratulations to all of the artists who challenged themselves to create new work and enter this year’s annual. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. It takes a lot to continue to put your work and yourself out there each year, and with each exhibit.

Our esteemed jurors, Donald Miller and Al Miner, had the most difficult task of reviewing more than 520 pieces of artwork in all media. They were amazed at the depth, breadth, and talent of the artists, and chose 98 pieces spanning various styles and subjects. Once again AAP’s artists continued to push the limits of their creativity, and the resulting work is an incredible 100th Annual.

For 99 years we have been partners with Carnegie Museum of Art. Once again it has been our pleasure to work with their wonderful, capable and delightful staff. We look forward to a continued partnership for the next century.

We are honored and humbled to have had the privilege of working with all of you to make this amazing 100th Annual happen. Thank you! Thank all of you! ENJOY!

Susan, Melissa and David

Footage of the Installation

This is from an article posted on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette