Samira Shaheen

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Contact Information

Phone: 412-731-0636
Facebook: http://

Artist Statement


 I have been painting  for over 40 years, with a renewed energy to exhibiting again in the last 5 years. I studied  Fine Art and Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University and with Phillip Mailcoat in Provincetown Mass. I am presently a member of  the Associated Artists of  Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Society of Artists as well as the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. I have exhibited in many galleries in Pittsburgh over the years including the Three Rivers Art Show. I have had  several solo exhibits, one at Nantucket and one at the Spinning Plate Gallery.

 I use the language of art,  the juxtaposition of color, lines, archival  symbols and various


material as a catalyst for my painting. My paintings can be representational, landscape


oriented,  or abstract.  I use a variety of media to allow the paintings to


speak.  Sometimes a painting  begins with a particular idea or energy but through my


interaction with the process, it can end up in a exciting place not intended.  My


emotional response to the subject is to map and explore social issues as well as


exploring the self in relation to the human condition.  How societal morals, prejudices


and our aggression toward each other affect us (i.e. the masculine and feminine) as well


as the natural world we live in.