Michelle Sabol

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Contact Information

E-mail: memphis@memphisgeorge.com
Website: http://www.memphisgeorge.com
Facebook: http://Memphis George

Artist Statement

I began my work in the visual arts as an abstract painter and
avant-garde filmmaker. As a jewelry artist I am able to apply
my unique sense of color, light and abstraction to a wearable form.

The ancient technique of lost wax casting of silver, gold and bronze
is integrated in my work with fabricated precious metals and
innovative wire working. A diverse array of gemstones, glass
and crystal are incorporated as well as unique items like antique
marbles, Bakelite buttons, Murano glass, plastics and natural
organic materials such as lightning struck sticks and flower pods.

Working intuitively from my eclectic findings, I improvise my sculpture-like pieces with only a roughly drawn idea as a framework. I collect my pallet of shapes like a sculptor and my colors like a painter. I keep my mind free and open. I have found that this "beginners mind" is the well spring of all art.
Overall, I am looking to express the ineffable, ethereal and abstract nature of the divine and the idiosyncrasies of beauty through my work as an artist.