Crystala Armagost

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My work is driven by the concepts of social history, or pop culture, and memory.  I reflect my own personal response to these objects with the invitation for the viewer to do the same.  The use of historical references in my work provides that crucial link between object and issues, which then allows a dialogue to occur.

The quaintness of pop culture nostalgia evokes comfort and familiarity, opening the door for one to share very personal memories. When those nostalgic memories are not embraced by others, people feel the need to defend their memories in order to conserve that piece of their identity.  I see this conflict readily in the matter of the industrial reminants that dot the landscapes of Pittsburgh - a favorite subject of mine that reoccurs frequently within my works.

She Always Had a Fiery Temper

She Always Had a Fiery Temper

Price: $325.00
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