Kyle Anger

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Kyle Anger

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Artist Statement

I believe that our brains, like a sponge, take in all the sensory information that surrounds us on a day to day basis and that that information comes out in things we do and make whether we are initially aware of it or not. My work tries to utilize this stored information by letting it develop though the practice of automatic drawing. I then incorporate more deliberate and aesthetic decisions to tie the fragmented results together. Through this process I seek to echo how the associative mind can bring together contrasting and conflicting information, visually and materially binding the condition of internal and external states of experience. 
I’ve found that utilizing a combination of both painting and drawing methods allows for the directness required to achieve this. The individual mark or stroke is something that is important to me, as I want to leave behind not just an image, but also the history of that image. Due to this my work tends to build up in layers as different ideas and images come to me. Generally this involves methods of repetition and fixation on certain ideas and forms. The smooth mixes with the rough: the bold with the subtle and the figurative with the wholly abstract forming a symbiotic yet disjointed relationship.